Who is the Real MVP of the Cable Market?

Published: 2021-03-11 Auther: 左天友   Hits:

There is such a cable company that has fully researched the market, based on more than 30 years of industry experience, strategically launched "Ai", "Zhen", "Shan" and "Mei" series of products, relying on safety, environmental protection, durable, energy-saving and other advantages allow users to save energy. With their strength, they provide the best option for home cable.

The MVP Level Effort

Wiring is a relatively special concealed project in the process of home decoration. The wires are like veins buried in the wall, and they will hardly be seen in life. From this perspective, reliable products give users enough peace of mind "no sense of existence." They are low-key escorts for thousands of lights, which means that products need high safety and durability.

The power-saving "Ai" series of cloth wires launched by Far East Cable focuses on strengthening "safety" and "durability" with its excellent performance.

In terms of materials, Far East Cable chooses high-purity and high-quality electrical copper as the conductor. It has excellent electrical performance, super anti-overload capability, and strengthened safety properties; it uses patented high-voltage polyolefin as internal insulation and high resistance. The flame-retardant polyolefin is used as the external insulation, and the flame-retardant performance is improved through double-layer protection, and the safety attribute is further strengthened.

In addition, Far East Cable integrates many advantages to provide products with anti-ageing, moisture-proof, high flame-retardant, and anti-overload properties and improve durability. At the same time, to quantify this performance, it has been verified by experiments that the thermal life of the "Ai" series wires can reach 162 years under normal conditions. The use of "one-time wiring, no worries for life" allows users to feel MVP-level peace of mind.

The MVP Level Power-Saving

When green life is being fully promoted, consumption concepts have been changed to fulfil users' demand for products that are also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. This will be a trend. So, how to achieve it?

From a technical point of view, the essence of power saving is to reduce power loss, that is to say, under the premise of certain other conditions, by increasing the cross-section of the copper core/selecting high-quality copper cores to control the resistance value as much as possible, for which the diameter of the Far East cable is selected the high-quality copper core is better than the national standard value.

It is necessary to pay attention to whether the quality of the materials or the quantity of materials used means that the cost will increase substantially in proportion, reflecting the extreme pursuit of high-quality products by Far East Cable. In this way, users can experience MVP-level power-saving and build a shared safe, green and better life.