Are you really not afraid of fire?

Published: 2021-03-19 Auther: Zhang Duo   Hits:

In April 2019, a fire caused Notre Dame de Paris to occupy the headlines of major media worldwide in an alternative way. The fire almost destroyed this cultural monument with a history of more than 800 years. The restoration work is expected to be as long as 8-10 years.

According to the accident investigation report, the fire is most likely caused by a short circuit in the wire.

In the process of building a fire, the reliable operation of fire-fighting equipment such as fire-fighting pumps, fire-fighting fans, and fire-resistant roller shutters is a key factor in fire prevention and control. The reliability of fire-fighting equipment's power supply line is an important link to ensure the normal operation of fire-fighting equipment. Therefore, the quality of wires and cables is the top priority for the safety of modern buildings.

GB 50016-2014 "Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings" mentions that fire-fighting power distribution lines should use mineral non-flammable non-combustible cables. The cables should be composed of copper cores, mineral insulating materials, copper and other metal sheaths. In addition to good electrical conductivity, mechanical and physical properties, and fire resistance, it also has good non-combustibility.

Such a cable can ensure the fire protection power supply for the fire's duration under fire conditions and will not delay the combustion and produce no smoke.

Traditional fire-resistant cables use magnesium oxide for insulation, which is easy to absorb moisture. The insulation resistance drops quickly at high temperatures, which restricts the cable's long-term power supply in the event of a fire. Because of the limitation of the processing technology, the cable length is short, and multiple joints are needed to connect. The sheath is hard, not easy to bend, and the installation and construction are inconvenient. The cable's cross-section is limited, the current carrying capacity of a single cable is small, and the use of multiple cables will occupy a large space, and the cost will be higher.

In view of the shortcomings of traditional fire-resistant cables, Far East Cable Co., Ltd. selects advanced materials and advanced technology to optimize and improve traditional fire-resistant cables' performance to meet market demand.

After R&D and innovation, the flexible fireproof cable has superior fireproof performance. When the flame temperature reaches 950, it lasts for more than 3 hours, and it can still supply power normally even withstand water spray and impact.

All cables are made of low-smoke, non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials, with large cross-sections and long continuous production lengths. Whether it is a single-core or multi-core cable, its length can meet the engineering power supply length without any joints in the middle.

The improved cable has the characteristics of high flexibility and good bendability. Using stranded conductor + flexible porcelain silica gel + interlocking armoured non-magnetic metal sheath, the cable has excellent flexibility, small bending diameter, and easy installation and laying. And it has been widely used in many important projects and public places such as Shanghai Kaihong Plaza, Qingdao New Airport, Shenzhen Bay One Plaza, etc.

With the progress of the times and technological development, the development and application of new halogen-free materials and inorganic insulating materials have brought new opportunities for flame-retardant and fire-resistant cables. Facing the increasing number of high-rise and super high-rise buildings, green buildings and public places for fire protection, the flame retardant, fire-resistant performance of power supply lines is required to be more reliable and safer, installation and laying are more convenient, and the line voltage drop is lower to ensure disaster relief and fire protection.

The series of flexible fire-resistant cables designed and manufactured by Far East Cable Co., Ltd. has become able to withstand high temperatures and truly "not afraid of" fire. They will certainly play a major role in the construction of green buildings.