A global leader in power and energy storage systems

Leading player in energy storage system, E-bike and high-precision copper foil. The group includes many subsidiaries such as Far East Battery Co., Ltd., Far East Battery Jiangsu Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Far East Battery Co., Ltd. and Far East Copper Foil Co., Ltd.

Far East Battery,founded in 2009 to commit to innovation and technology leadership across traction and energy storage system, is mainly engaged in R&D,manufacturing, sales and after-sales services of battery products characterized with sound safety performance, long service life,high specific energy and reliability and applied to energy storage, E-bike, power tools and smart home. With two major branches respectively located in Yichun city Jiangxi Prov. and Yixing city Jiangsu Prov., Far East Battery showcases the competence in offering customers with one-stop tailored solution ranging from LFP cells, modules, packs to utility energy storage system. Following customer oriented approach, FEB has developed product matrix applicable to scenarios of utility, C&I, homes and travelling. Certified as national high-tech enterprise, FEB holds the proprietary to over 100 IPRs and patents, and delivered to multiple countries and regions its products recognized and certified by global renowned institutions in China, North America, Europe, Japan, etc., in an endeavor to do its bit for global energy transition.

Far East Copper Foil was founded in 1986. It has two production bases in Taixing,Jiangsu Province and Yibin, Sichuan Province. We focus on producing high precision ultra-thin lithium electric copper foil, and the planning total capacity is 75000 tons. The products are mainly used in high performance power batteries, energy storage and digital. At the same time, we explore the new development and layout of composite copper foil, aluminum foil, etc. And we endeavor to become a global copper foil leading enterprise. Taixing,Jiangsu production base won the provincial strategic emerging industry in 2019, and is a provincial engineering technology research center, with more than 20 patents and a number of provincial science and technology progress awards. The annual capacity is 15,000 tons. The first phase of 30,000 tons of the Yibin production base will be put into production in 2023.

Far East Battery Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

  • Founded in 2009, the main business covers research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of lithium-ion batteries and power battery packs.
  • Employees: more than 1,000; of which, more than 200 are R&D personnel
  • Registered capital: $790 million; total investment: $10.6 billion
  • Intellectual property rights and patents: more than 100
  • Accumulated total installed capacity of electric vehicles exceeded 80,000 units, sales of electric bicycles exceeded 3 million units, and energy storage products and services were provided to 30,000 households.
  • National High-tech Enterprise; Jiangxi Province Ten Key Enterprises of Strategic Emerging Industries; Jiangxi Province Collaborative Innovation Body Leading Enterprises
  • Jiangxi Yichun base: 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery production capacity of 4GWh, with a daily output of 1.2 million units, 21700 cylindrical lithium-ion battery production capacity of 2GWh, with a daily output of 400,000 units.
  • Jiangsu Yixing Base: 1GWh of soft pack battery capacity, 5GWh of square shell battery planning capacity, targeting a total capacity of 12GWh in the future.

Power generation-side, user-side light storage and charging integration products

Liquid-cooled energy storage systems

  • First-generation platformized products and system optimization

Intelligent Energy Storage System Cloud Platform

  • Battery Life Cycle Management.
  • Fault diagnosis, fault prediction
  • Intelligent operation and maintenance management, remote OTA upgrade, etc.

Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Products

  • Modular design, integrated installation
  • Product life increased from 10 to 15 years

Intelligent System Developmenm

  • Modular design, integrated installation.
  • Supports multiple operating modes
  • Configuration of multiple protection and alarm, safe and reliable
  • Support wireless remote monitoring, mobile APP

Vertically integrated R&D and production capacity of battery cell-module-system.力

R&D Planning

Cylindrical cells

Pouch&Prismatic cell

Material system

Lithium iron phosphate focus on the development of LFP50Ah/100Ah/305Ah applied to the energy storage market

Lithium iron anode focuses on structurally stable, long-cycle, high and low temperature type materials; anode focuses on high-capacity, low-cost graphite and long-cycle, lithium-supplemented anode.

Highly automated, informatized and traceable intelligent production line

Core Advantages

1.One of the best 21700 production lines in the world, 93% pass rate

2.Fully imported high-speed automated production line, single 200PP capacity, dual lines in parallel, 3GWh capacity

3.Full line cleanliness management

4.More than 300 online monitoring points, Hi-pot, CCD, X-ray, β-ray, JRC online full inspection

5.MES system, foreign object tracking system to ensure the traceability of battery products and quality.

Strive to become the world's leading copper foil company

Company Profile

  • Far Eastern Copper Foil focuses on the production of high-precision ultra-thin lithium copper foil, which is mainly used in high-performance power batteries, energy storage batteries, and small power and digital batteries, etc. It also actively develops and validates new products such as composite copper foils, composite aluminum foils, and composite fluid collectors.

Two bases

Taizhou Base

  • Started production in 2017 with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons
  • High-tech enterprise, 2019 provincial strategic emerging industry project, with more than 30 patents, a number of provincial science and technology progress awards

Yibin Base

  • Total planning and construction of high-precision ultra-thin lithium copper foil / composite copper (aluminum) foil 60,000 tons
  • The first phase of the project, 30,000 tons, was successfully commissioned in November 2023

Main products

  • Ultra-thin (4.0μm), high tensile (60kgf/㎜2), high elongation (≥15%), large width (≤1580㎜), large meters (≥18000m)
  • Actively explore the development of composite copper foil, composite aluminum foil and other new products
  • 4.5μmcopper foil

  • 6μmcopper foil

  • Composite Copper Foil

  • aluminum Foil

Milestones of Far Eastern Copper Foil

2017:Annual output of 10,000 tons of high-precision ultra-thin lithium copper foil project" was launched in March,Year-end trial production.

-> 2018:Awarded Qualified Supplier by Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co.

-> 2019-now:Started to supply large quantities toCATL

With CATL as the core customer and a deep foundation of strategic cooperative customers